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Fog machines title image

Fog machines

Artificial fog is essential for event technology: as a show effect to make light beams visible or for the typical disco feeling it is a must.

Fog machines generate this fog by evaporating fog fluid and ejecting it at high pressure through nozzles. The duration and intensity of the fog are determined by the design and performance of the machine as well as the properties of the fluid.

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Fog machines

Fog machines provide artificial fog for stage shows, events and discos. They are responsible for the well-known wow effect during a magician's performance or provide the right atmosphere on the dance floor. Light beams from lasers and lighting effects only become really visible through the artificially created fog. In our assortment of goods, you will find a wide selection of different fog machines and hazers.

    What types of fog machines are there?

    Depending on the intended use and type of construction, a distinction can be made between classic fog machines ("foggers"), ground fog machines ("ground foggers") and haze fog machines ("hazers"). While the classic fog machine produces clouds of fog that – depending on the fog fluid used – remain in the room for a shorter or longer period of time, the ground fogger produces the effect typically used at weddings: Its vapor lies low to the ground to create the impression that you are walking on clouds. The third category of foggers, the so-called hazers, produce a fine haze that is particularly well suited to making light rays visible. Hazers are, therefore, often used in laser shows so that the audience can easily see the laser beams.

    How do fog machines create artificial fog?

    Fog machines heat a special liquid, the so-called fog fluid, and vaporize it. This creates artificial fog that is distributed in the room. Depending on the fluid used, the density and durability of the generated fog varies – it is either thicker or thinner and might dissipate more quickly or more slowly.

    How is ground fog created?

    In ground fog machines, the so-called ground foggers, the fog is usually cooled or weighted down so that it is heavier than the surrounding air when it leaves the machine. Thus, it remains on the ground. In our online shop, in addition to machines that cool the fog with ice or dry ice, you are able to find fog machines that use water and ultrasound to produce ground fog. With these machines, no dry ice is necessary for operation, so the devices are particularly easy to use.

    How are the machines controlled?

    In our range, you will find a wide selection of fog machines for a variety of purposes. Such models, which are designed for use on stage and in professional environments, are usually controlled via DMX and therefore have a DMX interface. They can be easily controlled via a DMX controller. Often, the units come with a remote control, too. Smaller models, such as the mini fog machines from EUROLITE, which are intended for occasional usage, for example at parties, are often operated directly on the unit.

    What does the wattage figure mean?

    For foggers, the wattage refers primarily to the heating power. The higher the wattage, the greater the output or the amount of fog emitted at one time. If you want to fill a large room, such as a discotheque, with artificial fog, it is best to use a powerful machine with a high wattage (for example, 3000 watts). For small applications (for example, in a party room), a battery-operated fog machine with less output may be sufficient.

    What types of fog fluid are there?

    In our online shop, you will find different types of fluid that are suitable for different requirements. Fluid can basically be classified according to the density and durability of the artificial fog it produces. The fog produced by Fluid B dissolves very quickly. This makes it perfect for short fog effects. For the same room size, the fog produced by fluid C takes twice as long to dissolve completely. Fog fluid E creates a very dense fog that takes a long time to dissipate.

Special fog machines

In addition to the classic foggers and hazers, you will also find devices for special applications in our range. For example, we offer vertical foggers that, thanks to built-in LEDs, throw a colorful fountain of fog into the air and, thus, create pyro-like effects on stages. They are controllable via DMX and can, thus, be ideally integrated into the programming of the stage show. In addition, these devices have a radio remote control.

Furthermore, you will also find fog machines in our assortment of goods that have been specially developed for fire brigade training. The generated fog imitates the smoke that occurs during a fire so that firefighters and rescue workers can practice under the most realistic conditions possible. Thanks to their extra-large and easy-to-read LCD display, these foggers are easy to operate even in poor visibility.

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