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EUROLITE Audience Blinder 2x100W LED COB WW

Des blinders professionnels pour l’éclairage des scènes

Les blinders, qui sont souvent groupés, projettent une lumière extrêmement claire qui aveugle le public à dessein. Les blinders sont souvent utilisés lors des concerts de rock. Ils accompagnent la musique et marquent des moments avec leur lumière claire aveuglante.

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Les blinders sont traditionnellement équipés d’ampoules PAR 230 V, et la rémanence est l’effet recherché par de nombreux techniciens lumière. De nos jours, les blinders fonctionnent avec des LED COB puissantes. Ces dernières assurent une extrême clarté, comme naguère les ampoules PAR. De nombreux blinders modernes disposent d’un effet de rémanence. En l’espèce, un avantage des LED tient à ce qu’elles assurent la même luminosité avec moins d’énergie. En outre, elles chauffent moins que les ampoules PAR.

EUROLITE Audience Blinder 2x100W LED COB CW/WW

Dans cette catégorie, vous trouverez des blinders traditionnels à ampoules PAR ainsi que des blinders à LED COB.

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It is hard to imagine concerts or festivals without them: blinders – or, to put it another way, stage blinders and audience blinders. They are usually arranged in clusters, which then "dazzle" the audience in a controlled manner. Thus, blinders underline music at a concert with bright light, skillfully set artists and musicians in scene or direct the audience's attention to a certain section of a stage. They are show effects in the truest sense of the word.

Lights off, blinds on!

Used correctly, they provide the appropriate, dramaturgical background for your event. But be careful: You should avoid using blinders too often at an event. This is because blinders signal to the audience that they are currently experiencing a highlight. If Audience Blinders are used frequently, this show effect can lose its impact and the audience loses interest. Audience Blinders and Stage Blinders should also not be used alone, but always integrated into a lighting concept for an event. This is because the bright, suddenly illuminating light makes a particularly good impression in combination with other design elements.

In our assortment you will find different Audience Blinders and Stage Blinders by EUROLITE, which are ideally suited for integration into the lighting concept of your next concert. In addition to blinders equipped with COB LEDs, you will, of course, also find traditional blinders with PAR lamps in our online store.

Both blinders with LEDs and blinders with PAR lamps naturally share the characteristics of the popular spotlight: In addition to the well-known afterglow effect, our blinders with PAR lamp and LED have the ability to shine extremely bright with pinpoint accuracy. The advantage of a blinder equipped with LEDs, however, is that it requires significantly less energy, but still produces the same light output as a conventional blinder with PAR lamps. Also, the heat generation of the fixtures is significantly lower than with Audience Blinders and Stage Blinders equipped with "traditional" PAR lamps.

Do you have any questions about the use of Stage Blinders and Audience Blinders at a concert or festival? Then please do not hesitate to contact our staff. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right blinder including LEDs or other light sources for your next event as well as help you with any questions you may have on the big topic of "lighting technology in event technology".

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