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Type de lampe
  • Clear lamp (8)
  • Discharge lamp (8)
  • Halogen lamp (15)
  • High voltage lamp (10)
  • LED lamp (356)
  • Non-clear lamp (4)
  • Sealed beam lamp (4)
  • Selectable (47)
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Plein air
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La lumière statique constitue la base de tout éclairage de scène :

Sans elle, les musiciens, les acteurs et les mannequins seraient plongés dans l’obscurité. Les projecteurs statiques que sont les PAR, les spots ML, les barres LED et les lampes à faisceau large assurent l’éclairage approprié de la scène et des événements, des boutiques et des stands.

Projecteurs statiques
On appelle éclairage de scène toutes les sources de lumière statiques utilisées sur une scène ou à l’occasion d’un événement. Il s’agit donc des projecteurs et les effets lumineux fixes qui projettent leur faisceau dans une seule direction, contribuant ainsi à l’éclairage de base. Les appareils proposés vont des projecteurs à lumière blanche aux barres lumineuses et aux spots dotés de LED multicolores, qui offrent diverses possibilités d’aménagement du fait de leur mélange de couleurs.
Projecteurs PAR
Projecteurs PAR
Projecteur PAR ML/Studio
Projecteur PAR ML/Studio
Projecteurs Slim
Projecteurs Slim
Lampe à faisceau large
Lampe à faisceau large

Projecteurs statiques (Produits: 563)

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Static Spots

A wide range of options for designing appealing lighting on stage: This is what the static spotlights from our range offer. They put actors, musicians or even products – presented for example on a trade fair stand - in the right light. In our online store, you will find a variety of different spotlights and lamps, all of which will help you create the optimal basic light for your event.

In our product portfolio you will find the following spotlights:

PAR spots

PAR spots form the basis for a successful basic light for your stage. The modern PAR cans, as the spotlights are also called due to their original design, are equipped with LEDs. The resulting color mixing makes lighting possible without the use of color foils. In addition, the PAR spotlights from EUROLITE are available in different versions for you to choose from. Besides "longnose" and "shortnose" spotlights, our store also offers you even more narrow, space-saving spotlights. Thus, depending on the event and stage size, you can use the appropriate spotlight for your event and its optimal static lighting. By the way: The devices are equipped with two brackets. This allows the installation of the spotlights in trusses or their placement on the floor.

ML/Studio PAR spots

ML/Studio-PAR fixtures from EUROLITE and FUTURELIGHT are characterized by their flicker-free operation in front of the camera. They create ideal lighting conditions for cameras and are therefore ideally suited for use in TV studios.

The same applies to the EUROLITE ML-575 MSR Multi Lens. With its four front lenses, this discharge lamp is clad in a high-quality die-cast housing. In addition, the spot is equipped with an aluminum reflector. The spotlight is used in theaters, concerts as well as on stages. The EUROLITE AKKU IP PAR 14 HCL QuickDMX is suitable for outdoor use in your event location. This spotlight is also flicker-free, and the color mixing is infinitely variable. 14 powerful LEDs with a power of 10 watts each allow the optimal adjustment of the color change. Also to be found in this category: Theater spotlights and ML spots.

Slim spots

They are particularly space-saving and are, therefore, especially suitable for the illumination of exhibition stands or stages of smaller theaters. In addition, the flat spotlights can be used both indoors and outdoors at your event location. For example, the light of the spotlights sets special accents if they are mounted in the trussing.


Especially in combination with mirror balls, mirror mats and other reflecting objects, they unfold their special effect: Pinspots. Their light hits the mirror ball, for example, and countless small points of light are then distributed throughout the room. A very special atmosphere is created. Unlike conventional PAR spotlights, for example, the so-called spotlights are also suitable for use in smaller and more confined spaces.


Versatile application possibilities for theaters, shop windows or entrance areas of your event location - this is what the LED bars from EUROLITE and FUTURELIGHT offer. The LED spotlights provide an infinitely variable color mixing and can mostly be controlled either by DMX, stand-alone or with the IR remote control that is included in the delivery. In our assortment, you will also find light strips that are suitable for outdoor use and as part of a set for stage lighting.

Theater spots

Fresnel lenses – based on an invention by the French physicist Fresnel – rely on halogen lamps on the one hand, but Fresnel spotlights are also increasingly using the latest generation of COB LEDs. The light sources used in the manner of a Fresnel lens are energy-saving, emit only a small amount of heat, and are less expensive to purchase. In addition, the theater spotlights have a high color rendering index: the CRI of the theater spotlights sometimes exceeds 90. They are therefore ideally suited for locations that require uniform light, such as theaters or television studios.


The task of the profiler is already "hidden" somewhat in his name: The profiler uses its light to put individuals on a stage or speakers in the right light. Profilers can also be used, for example, to set interesting accents for the viewer or to illuminate a stage from the auditorium. Like the theater spotlights or PAR spotlights already presented here, profilers use state-of-the-art LEDs. Of course, you will also find a wide range of accessories in our store to get the best possible light from your Profiler for your event.


Floodlights generate light that radiates over a wide area and is, therefore, ideally suited for illuminating show stages, buildings or sports facilities. The floodlights can be used both indoors and outdoors – depending on the protection class, the floodlights are weatherproof and withstand the penetration of rain and dust.

Do you have any questions about our range of theater spotlights, floodlights or profilers? Our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing your next static floodlight. In our online store, you will also find a wide range of accessories for profilers, floodlights or theater spotlights. Just have a look!

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