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Effets lumineux
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Moving lights
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Système de pixels
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Lumière décorative
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Contrôle de l'éclairage
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Source lumineuse
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Effets de scène
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Boules à facettes, etc
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Éléments de design
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Spotlights, floodlights, scanners or strobes – they all contribute to making a concert or theater performance a unique event. After all, in addition to acoustic performances, visual stimuli such as stage lighting that is optimally matched to the stage show also ensure a positive experience of a concert or party. In addition, depending on the event, it is necessary to match spotlights and other lighting equipment to the location and, if necessary, to integrate them into an appropriate light show. A trade fair stand requires different lighting than a concert by a rock band on a large stage or a party in a disco.

A lighting concept tailored to the occasion makes a significant contribution to the mood of the audience and, thus, to the success of an event. In addition to the selection of suitable spotlights and effect devices, the perfect choice of colors is also important here. While blue light tends to have a calming and relaxing effect, reddish light can have a stimulating effect on the audience. The same applies to white light: if it is modeled on daylight, for example, it has a stimulating effect and promotes the ability to concentrate.

It is therefore our concern that you will find a wide range of different conventional spotlights, modern effect devices and illuminants in our assortment to develop an ideal, professional lighting concept for an event. After all, we want your next event to be a complete success.

The following product categories are therefore available for you to choose from:


In this category you will find:

The spotlights from this category will help you to set the stage for your event skillfully. Whether you want to use LED spotlights with dimmer, matrix spotlights or UV spotlights for the lighting of a disco or the stage of a theater, you are guaranteed to find the right stage spotlight for your next performance here or – thanks to the Compact Light Set (KLS) by EUROLITE – to light up your next event as a mobile DJ.

Lighting effects

While spotlights like PAR cans are more responsible for the basic light, light effects set eye-catching accents. Colorful beam effects, projection effects or even hybrid effects will be an absolute eye-catcher at your next event. Of course, you will also find party effects in our assortment. These compact lighting effects spread absolute party atmosphere even in the smallest space.

Moving Lights

A bright beam of light moves seemingly effortlessly across a stage, colored beams become visible through the mist – moving lights provide the moving light on a stage, in a discotheque or a club. In our assortment, you will find Moving head spots, Moving head washers, Moving head beams and Moving head hybrids as well as other moving effects. LEDs are often used in various moving heads. These convince with a low energy consumption as well as a step-less adjustment of the desired light thanks to the RGB or RGBW color mixing. For the larger moving heads, which generate a stronger output, discharge lamps are also used.

Of course, we also have scanners with primarily powerful white-emitting LEDs for you in our program. Long before Moving-heads had their breakthrough on the big stages, scanners already brought movement into stage lighting. Of course, we also have the right accessories for moving lights ready for you.

Pixel systems

They create images from light seemingly out of nothing: Thanks to integrated pixel-based systems, graphic curtains as well as effect curtains, for example, conjure up impressive 3D landscapes of light in your location. Pixel tubes and chains with integrated LEDs are also popular equipment for designing a stage. Stylishly placed in the background of a stage, they provide optical highlights in combination with stage spotlights.

Deco lights

LED strips & tube lights, light decoration and displays bring light into your darkness. No matter whether for the entrance area of a club or for the decoration of a shop window, the design elements skillfully set the scene for your location – right from the start. The LEDs installed in the luminaires enable you to set impressive accents in your location in an energy-saving and sustainable way with light in different colors.

Light control

You have now thought about an optimal lighting concept for your next event? To ensure that the stage lighting is implemented as you planned, you need the ideal light control system. Therefore, in our assortment, you will find a comprehensive range of different systems that support you in controlling your light show. You will find the following products in our online store:


Stage spotlights, floodlights and the like need the right illuminant for their "work". Thus, so that nothing stands in the way of the success of your next event, you will find in our assortment numerous illuminants that optimally fit the stage spotlights you prefer. Whether it's pin cap lamps, screw cap lamps, bayonet cap lamps or double-side-capped lamps, you are guaranteed to find the right lamp for your equipment in our store. You can also choose from various sockets and accessories. Not sure which lamp you need? Our lamp configurator will help you with the selection!

Stage effects

What would a great show be without breathtaking stage effects? In combination with stage lights, fog effects, special effects and strobes bring the mood to boiling point. Lasers and UV spots also add that certain something to your event. In the category "Fluid and Confetti" you will find the accessories needed for the effect devices.

Mirror balls and co.

They are the evergreen of the event industry: mirror balls and mirror mats create a unique atmosphere in combination with a pinspot. Its light beam is directed onto the sphere and reflected in hundreds of small light points with the help of the mirror facets. Thanks to a motor specially developed for the mirror ball, bright dots move through the room. You can also find the following products in this category besides mirror balls and mirror mats:

Design elements

They round off the visual impression: design elements such as partitions, curtains made of Molton, truss covers or deco nets. Together they provide that certain something on your stage, direct the viewer's gaze or help create a certain atmosphere. In this category, you will also find UV-active material like gaffa tape or stamping ink. This can be used to set accents for special moments in your location or markings on the floor for actors or musicians, for example.

DMX cable

DMX, also known as Digital Multiplex, is a protocol used in lighting technology to control LED spots, PAR cans or spotlights – if they have a DMX mode. To ensure that the connection between the spotlight and the DMX controller works properly, our online store offers a selection of ready-made DMX cables, meter goods as well as DMX connectors.

Do you still have questions about stage spotlights, LED spotlights or the use of equipment for the decoration of a stage? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! Our staff will be happy to assist you in word and deed with the selection of different spotlights for your lighting system.

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